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WB Medical Council Suspends Radiologist, Surgeon; Charges Apollo Gleneagles of Inhuman Behavior

WB Medical Council Suspends Radiologist, Surgeon; Charges Apollo Gleneagles of Inhuman Behavior

The council charged Apollo of “inhuman behavior”

Kolkata: The West Bengal Medical Council has canceled the registration of two doctors including a radiologist and a surgeon attached to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals at EM Bypass, for alleged medical negligence led to death 30-year-old Sanjay Roy a year ago.

Sanjay Roy, a resident of Dankuni of Hooghly district, was critically injured in a motorbike accident on February 26, 2017, and was admitted the said hospital with abdominal and chest injuries. Telegraph reports that His family and friends have alleged that Apollo authorities forced them to submit fixed-deposit certificates before they let them shift him to SSKM Hospital and claimed the delay had led to his death

After the death of the motorcyclist, two days after the accident, the victim’s wife filed a complaint of medical negligence and inflated medical bills, which created large-scale resentment among the people of fraudulent medical practices across the state.  Apollo was accused of billing Roy’s family for a procedure – “hepatic artery embolization” to stop bleeding from the liver – that was not conducted at all, a fact that was confirmed by the post-mortem report.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee had to intervene and the state health department had set up an inquiry committee to probe the disputes. This is one of the cases that led to the formation of the West Bengal health regulatory commission.

A published report of the day said that the West Bengal Medical Council, which was probing the death, announced the cancellation of the registration number of two medics – Radiologist Usha Goenka for one year and surgeon Shyamal Sarkar for six months. While Sarkar was responsible for the overall treatment, Goenka, as a radiologist, was responsible for carrying out procedures to detect and treat the internal bleeding.

“The council found lapses on the part of the two doctors,” WBMC president Nirmal Maji told TOI. “They did not do enough to stop bleeding even though they had charged for the same. While the patient had suffered massive internal bleeding, they kept insisting that there was no internal bleeding,” he added. The post-mortem of the patient had revealed a massive internal hemorrhage adding that the patient had externally also bled out 2.5 liters of blood

The council has also charged Apollo of “inhuman behaviour” according to TOI report. The official order regarding the same is expected to be released next week


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  1. I am not sure what made the WBMC to observe the \”Inhuman Behaviour\” of the hospital concerned. I have been following this case since day 1. This decision of the WBMC is politically motivated. Many doctors of this forum may be aware that I am a victim of a gross medical negligence. Incidentally I lost my younger brother in the same hospital. From the case record of my brother it is clear that he was left in an unconscious state for more than two hours. It is also evident from the case record and the report of \”Questioned Document Beuro of Govt of West Bengal\” that the patient fell off from the bed of a Deluxe room and was found lying on the floor by a junior doctor. Surprisingly for the WBMC, it was probably the protocol of the treatment. I am sorry to remind you all that the president of the WBMC is already facing criminal charges in a case filed by PBT ! He is a MLA of TMC. I simply request all the doctors turned politicians to spare this profession and confine to the politics full time.

  2. It is neither shocking nor surprising that an Apollo hospital has been found to be in a centre of a billing controversy.The Apollo group is known for duplicate ,Zero ,wrong and exaggerated billing which is a systemic problem in the hospital lchain.
    When I was a Consultant Surgeon in one of the Apollo flagship hospitals I noticed gross billing irregularities wherin my professional, surgical charges was shown as Rs,1,Rs 2 and Zero bringing significant loss of my professional fee over quite a few years and the hospital initially assured detail investigation but no action was taken.The billing clerks would regularly involve in large scale billing irregularities with direct connivance of the local hospital general managers who would be involved in such unethical activities.
    I have in possession hundreds of such bills showing wrong enteries ,zero billing ,duplicate billing and the mother of all bills ever generated by any hospital in the history of corporate hospital billing where I had performed a major surgery and the patient was billed for OT Charges ,Consumables but bill showed Zero surgeons fee thanks to incompetent ,ignorant billing staff.I have bills wherin huge amounts have been billed to the tune of lakhs credited to Apollo pharmacy but surgeons fee as zero,Rs 1 and Rs2.If any one wishes to have a copy of such bills for verification/posterity please e mail to,

  3. Dr. Ramesh, Your comment is commendable as well as very daring. I lost my younger brother seven years back and have been fighting for the justice as a common man against the wish of my family members. The corruption prevailing in our profession is beyond imagination. Unfortunately only a handful of doctors are involved in this corrupt system. The majority of doctors are still good and honest but they have occupied the back seats with their mouths tightly shut.

  4. user
    Dr.Jayakrishnan March 31, 2018, 11:49 am

    Well said doctor,as a doctor I would say the same is faced by us as well when working in a corporate set up….its really pathetic…and finally doctors be blamed…