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Whistleblower Doctor writes to Medical Council Of India , gets notice instead

Whistleblower Doctor writes to Medical Council Of India , gets notice instead

Srinagar : Being a whistle blower turned harmful for a certain faculty member at Srinagar Medical college, after he received a notice from the college authorities for writing to the Medical Council of India highlighting faculty shortages at the said institute. This came after the Medical Council of India, itself informed the college authorities that a letter had been written by one of their faculty members asking the apex regulator to cancel the college’s registration.

A recent report in Tribune talks about a certain faculty member who had allegedly written to the Council highlighting acute faculty shortage at the institute and urging MCI authorities  to cancel the affiliation of the college until the conditions improved. MCI acting on the letter, wrote to the said medical college asking them about faculty deployment at the institute, and yet informing the medical college about the said letter.

Now as a response, the college authorities are reported to have served a show-cause notice to the doctor, terming it as a case of indiscipline

“I have served a show-cause notice on the person. The matter is still being looked into,” said Prof CMS Rawat, Principal of the medical college informed the Tribune.

The college authorities openly accepted the faculty shortages that has been haunting the medical college since its inception. While accepting the shortage in the medical college, Prof Rawat said, the college had been regularly sending the reports of the status of the faculty to the higher authorities.“The reports are regularly sent to the Governor and the MCI so there is nothing to hide. We do have shortage of faculty and this happens due to the resignation by members. The Department of Radiology head had tendered resignation. As of now, we have a technician who is taking care of the X-ray and CT Scan. Everyday 200 X-rays and 5-10 CT scans are carried,” said Rawat.


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  1. What is the need to issue show cause notice to the staff , when the Principal accepts the deficiency and informed the higher authorities.

  2. user
    Krishan Sharma March 1, 2017, 11:27 pm

    Bravo ! The Principal is happy in running the Department of Radiology with one technician….who interprets the imagings ? Status reports regarding faculty can be sent even by a clerk in college….. what concrete steps have been taken by the Principal to appoint faculty members …is not clear. MCI is not going to provide faculty, rather it is the State/Central Govt or the Management who will provide the Faculty, as financial involvement is there. Matter needs to be taken up appropriately with concerned authorities who have administrative and financial powers. Show cause notices to the genuinely worried faculty members are not going to help. If this attitude continues, the college may face further voluntary separation of faculty members….. The member who wrote to MCI regarding the issue, has not committed any misconduct or offence…. If we believe the theory of the Principal that people resign frequently, there seems something basically wrong with the management and the same needs to be corrected soon, so that students get what they are supposed to. I think the doctor who wrote to MCI has maintained requisite ethics…and MCI apparently is not interested in such information under the reasons best known to it.

  3. Try to give it wide publicity in social media (FB,Twitter)that Doctor get encouraged. IT is shameful to issue him notice.
    MCI get part of LOOT. Even President ,PM knows of this loot ,but no one has courage to stop it. If high ups are silent public will think they are also part of it

  4. MCI is very well aware of faculty shortage and how colleges hire temporarily. Make surprise checks. One has to be honest to advise others to be honest. Most of colleges owned by politicians who became rich after owning medical college, and give a part of loot to MCI to keep them silent.SHAMEFUL

  5. user
    Dr Rishi Bhatia March 1, 2017, 6:47 pm

    Indian Medical Council Regulations Clause 1.7 states \” A physician should expose, without fear or favour,incompetent or corrupt , dishonest or unethical conduct on the part of members of the profession.\” Therefore whistleblower doctor has not committed any wrong.

  6. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 14, 2017, 5:48 pm

    At out set I Thank Dr Rishi Bhatia, for providing rules. In that case the pricipal can be booked for Misleading and running the show with out fullfiling MCI Norms . What He says is really true , that he has informed The so called higher Authorities And MCI , the ACTION should be initiated against them for not taking necessary measures to rectify the problem. It is really bad on the part of PRICIPAL to serve a show cause notice to the Gentleman. It\’s shows the mean mentality of the pricipal . The Governor should have suspended the so called higher Authorities ( may be the Principle Secrartary and the Minister). The word Higher authorities sounds not only vague and also cheap and silly . Because it has no name , no address , it\’s more like a destitute with out Name and address. Even militants take responsibility of doing wrong things. I think it undemocratic and Inhuman and against principles of Natural Justice to hide the identity . Like minded people should file a PIL to ban or with drawa the word higherauthorities .( And even other words like His Excellency, your honor, and Honorable these words forced upon slave Indian\’s by the British to show them inferior , the Funniest thing the British and other whites have thrown these words to Dustbins. We Despite being in Independent India still use them like SLAVES the cheap Guys enjoy with sadistic pleasure. When I ask WHO is higher authority and give his or her phone number and address , they ( the pricipal and MS) keep mum With blank look. The Indian Beurocrates are the biggest hindrance in the progress of our country. The CITIZENS of country wants know what are steps taken by the so called Higher authorities and Government and Governor to rectify the problems. ? ? ?. This website claims that more than 2 lakh INDIVIDUALS read the articles , but I see very few responses/ comments. It is time to wake-up. My concern is that substandard DOCTORS can be more dangerous than the Devils. Because they are the enemies with in the country.