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Yes, Pharma D passouts allowed to use DR Tag: Health Minister tells parliament

Yes, Pharma D passouts allowed to use DR Tag: Health Minister tells parliament

New Delhi: Pharma D professionals have been allowed by the Pharmacy Council of India to use the prefix “Dr”, the MOS Health recently informed the parliament

Providing details for the course and the amount of time spent in the hospital, the minister informed that Pharm.D course is of 6 years duration (after 10+2 Science Stream). Every student is posted in hospital for 50 hours in each of 2nd, 3rd & 4th year of the course. In the 5th year, there is a clerkship wherein the student is required to attend the ward-round half a day on a daily basis. In the 6th year, a student undergoes internship in a 300 bedded hospital.

Responding to the question on the issue of Dr tag for Pharma D Graduate,  the minister informed that in the year 2012, the Pharmacy Council of India directed the universities to use “Doctor of Pharmacy” in the provisional as well as final degree pass certificates in respect of students passing Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) course and to prefix “Dr” before the names of such students. Under Pharmacy Practice Regulations, 2015 notified by PCI, Pharmacy Practitioner which also includes Pharm.D qualified persons. In the said Pharmacy Practice Regulations, Pharm.D has also been included as an educational qualification for the posts like, Drug information Pharmacists, Senior Pharmacist, Chief Pharmacist in the Departments of medical services in both the government and private sector.

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However, the minister clarified that this does to equate them to MBBS, neither is there any demand for recognizing Pharm.D equal to MBBS.

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“However, Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has been receiving demands for recognizing Pharm.D equal to clinical pharmacists,” the minister added. Providing details of foreign countries the minister informed that in advanced countries of the world like USA, Australia, Canada, UK etc., Pharm.D
graduates work as Clinical Pharmacists.

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported about the controversy that had erupted within the medical fraternity following the decision of PCI to grant “Dr” prefix to all Pharma D degree holders. While the Pharma D students welcomed the move, the doctors have claimed that Pharmacists using the “doctor” tag will only create confusion in the minds of patients

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Stating that such “transgressions of entitlement are illegal and illegitimate”, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had come in opposition against the decision of the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) decision to allow those receiving Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) degree to use the prefix ‘Dr’ before their name.

The IMA had also written to the Union Health Ministry and the Medical Council of India (MCI) over the issue stating it is against all such shifts from those who are trained in other streams of the health sector to venture into medical practice

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  1. user
    Abid Ali Balospura October 22, 2019, 7:54 pm

    Good information for pharmacy

  2. Doctors MBBS MD etc do not give any advise on how to take the medicines. They do not listen to any adverse reactions of that occur with medicines. Really happy with this news. There should be a department where patients and their accompanies or wards can be taught or explained about how to take the medicine and when not to . What should be eaten etc.
    Most doctors today present to be busy and they have no time for drug monitoring and patient care.
    They don\’t even care to check previous prescriptions. Most of the time patients end up taking two doses of same formula with different brand names. Some bodies (autonomous) are against the patient care. All they care about is their own control and dominance on medical system of the country.They seem to have problem with everything and everyone.

  3. Only God can save india

  4. user
    Dr G.Harish, PharmD July 1, 2019, 11:23 pm

    Yes, Really true ! You peoples fraud can be saved by God only.

  5. user
    Dr Daresh Doddamani June 29, 2019, 9:58 pm

    Health minister is a doctor. How foolish of him to allow this!

  6. user
    Dr G.Harish, PharmD July 1, 2019, 11:52 pm

    As he is a former doctor as well as health minister, thats why he is thinking in the prospective of peoples better health care and development rather than thinking solely and foolishly.

  7. user
    Dr. Shekhar S. Galinde June 29, 2019, 3:02 pm

    What is defination of \’DOCTOR\’? The D0CTOR\’ means who talks with patient, questions him to extrat HISTORY Of illness, clinically examins him, concludes CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, plans necessary investigations for confirmation of Clinical Diagnosis by taking help of pathology, radiology, biopsy, etc. After confirmation of Diagnosis, makes Treatment plan, writes PRISCRIPTION (Pharmacist provides him required medicine & appliances)\’ The DOCTOR cheks these medicine & administer to patient or explains him with suitable instructions. Follows up PROGNOSIS as well as COMPLICATIONS arised thereoff or due to disease progress. managing all these COMPLICATIONS and FOLLOW UP the patient till complete CURE or less sevearity in MORBIDITY or unfortunate developement of GRAVE COMPLICATION AND MORTALITY. All these activities constitutes the word medical DOCTOR. Pharmacist, X-ray or Pathology Technition, Audiologist, Physiotherapist, etc. constitutes part of his investigative & therapeutic paraphrenia. In addition DOCTOR is also responsible for Medical Niglance, Patient & his relative\’s Councilling, Community & Social Responsibility for prevention of Disease spread.
    Doctor from any pathy like Alopath,Ayurved, Unani etc has to carry this Responsibility. The word Medical Doctor does not depend on no.of years in education or type of sylabus,
    Can only Pharmacist or only Technitian or only Physiotherapist is able to carry above Responsibilities?

  8. Then why PhD Holder using Dr before their name although they are non medico person.

  9. user
    Dr G.Harish, PharmD July 2, 2019, 12:27 am

    Don\’t compare Pharmacists especially Clinical Pharmacists who completed Pharm.D, a 6 year course along with additional specialisation residencies to any type of Technicians or Physiotherapists or Nurses or Nutritionists or AYUSH peoples. We have special role in health care, as i already said in previous post, even you Physicians will stick only to Diagnosis part, we have capabilities for initiating Treatment plan, we concentrate in each and every aspect of patient medication management, higher disease cure rate, high risk drug treatment management including Adverse drug reactions minimisation, following Pharmacokinetic approaches, Drug toxicities reduction, Drug interactions, drug level monitorings, Patient medication counselling, Patient education etc by following proper treatment guidelines and protocols and we have a sound on research knowledge and health Publications too. Better you keep in the mind before judging our work and knowledge. I don\’t why only Indian physicians are crying on developing health care field in India rather than developed countries.

  10. Dr. G.Harish i agreed with all your matter related to pharmD and definitely pharmD dr will gets it\’s own profession.. i am also a pharmd bachelor\’s from bn university

  11. user
    Dr G.Harish, PharmD July 1, 2019, 11:29 pm

    If you dare to know about definition of \”Doctor\”, then you can read this from the research article below,

    The use of “Dr.” or “Doctor” has two distinct usages in the US.

    It can refer to a degree granted by an institution, this can be either academic (PhD, DSc) or professional (DDS, DMD, VMD, OD, PharmD, etc.)

    Or it can be a synonym for “physician”

    If I write that I am a doctor, it implies the latter. If I write that I have a doctorate it is the former.

    Thus usage is context critical.

    In a health care situation, including Pharmacy, the use of Dr. or Doctor could erroneously imply physician. In a History department of a university, it would not.

    In some jurisdictions, the use of Doctor, where it could reasonably imply a medical license would be unlawful.

    Thus, the simple solution is to always concurrently describe the credential or use the actual degree.

    e.g. I am Dr. Joe Blough, your pharmacist.

    or I am Joe Blough, PharmD

    Physicians with MDs usually write “Joe Blough, MD” and avoid writing Dr. Joe Blough the exception to this, historically, has been for Osteopathic physicians (in the US) who commonly have used “Dr.” instead of DO.

    In verbal communication, physicians will commonly introduce themselves as Dr. Joe Blough when the situation would imply that they are physicians such as in a medical office or hospital ER.

    To make it even more confusing, in the US, physicians who have immigrated with MBBS credentials often write their names as Joe Blough, MD rather than Joe Blough, MBBS since they are licensed as MDs even though their degrees are not.

    Very strange.

    Still the best answer is to always write the name followed by the degree.

  12. Your spelling & grammar though!!!!! 🤧

  13. Refer to Canadian guidelines….