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25 year old Gurugram Doctor booked on rape allegations by nurse

25 year old Gurugram Doctor booked on rape allegations by nurse
Gurugram: A 25-year-old city-based medical professional has been booked under IPC section 376 (2) (n) after a colleague nurse filed a complaint against him in the local police station on account of allegedly raping her on the pretext of marriage. The complaint was filed against a 25-year old doctor working in a private hospital by a nurse who worked in the same place. The police team has launched a manhunt to nab the doctor as he is not in town. According to the complainant, she met the doctor in the year 2016 in the same hospital and worked together for almost three and a half year. She alleged that the doctor befriended her and they eventually developed a relationship. In 2017, they went for the live-in relationship by renting a house at Sohna. The nurse further accused the doctor that he allegedly raped her for nearly two years and kept telling her that they would get married. She even had to undergo abortion for four times. She further alleged that after the abortion last year in December, she moved to her native place as her health was deteriorating rapidly. They remain in contact till February this year- after that he switched off his cell phone and went incommunicado. She narrated her ordeal to her family members, who went to meet the doctor and his family members. She alleged that the doctor refused to marry her. Read Also: Gujarat: Prominent Neurosurgeon booked on rape allegations by a Physiotherapist The complainant, then, approached the Palam Vihar police station to register a complaint against him. The doctor was booked under IPC section 376 (2) (n)  which corresponds to charges applicable to taking advantage of one's position to commit rape on a woman while knowing that she is pregnant. The police team launched a manhunt to catch him as he is not in the city. The Assistant Commissioner of Police (crime), Shamsher Singh told the HT, “According to the woman, they lived together for nearly two years and the accused allegedly raped her, saying that they were going to get married soon. He said all his family members know about her as they frequently visited them.” The whole scenario emerged after they shifted to different hospital for their jobs. “After they joined different hospitals, the complainant started pressuring him for marriage but he kept delaying it and then started ignoring her,” Singh further added.

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  1. user
    Parmod March 27, 2019, 3:01 pm

    In modern world where both are educated and know everything. They were living in livin with consent. Why rape charges. If in some cases girl opt out then boy can lodge a rape case.

  2. the discription given in the post does not fall in to the legal denition of rape. Rape is defined as illegal or cornal knowledge of a woman against her will or even with her will if she is younger than 16 years. two adults cohabiting with mutual consent cannot be termed as rape. if the promise of marriage is made and broken lateron it amounts to breach of contract or aggreement difficult to prove in the family court or criminal court.

  3. It’s not a rape but betrayal….case must be booked under this, poor police /Law had to redefine all these…..

  4. user
    Dr Manmohan Singh March 23, 2019, 1:15 pm

    What should be called a rape? A Lady living with a man for 2 years and having consensual sex irrespective of promise of marriage or not this is a case of black mail. An advice for men, don’t indulge in such practices. If you are so much in need of sex get married and live respectfully. There is always a danger of getting some venereal disease . Be a gentleman for such a noble profession.

  5. Similar case repirted earlier from another part of the country! For years she had consensual sex with the doctor hoping to hit the jack pot!!!! Could she not see thriugh the fake promises-if at these allegations hold water!
    If she cannot prove about his promises then case dismissed with no charges but fond memories of penetrations!!!!!
    If she can prove something than the doctor can only be booked under section 420. I wonder if the dotor is being mentally raped???? I