Appearing for NEET PG 2024! Know Do's and Dont's for exam day

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New Delhi- The National Board of Examination (NBE) is going to conduct the NEET PG 2024 on 23rd June 2024 from 9 AM to 12:30 PM on a computer-based platform across the country at more than 1000 test centres in approximately 300 test cities, and the result will be declared by July 15, 2024.

NEET PG 2024 is being held for admission to various MD, MS, PG Diploma Courses, Post MBBS DNB Courses, Post MBBS Direct 6-year DrNB courses and NBEMS diploma courses. The candidates appearing for the exam should be aware of the do's and don'ts of the exam day.

Here is the detailed information about barred items, dress code and instructions to be followed in the examination hall as per NEET UG 2024 Information Bulletin.


"The NEET-PG 2024 exam admit cards will be issued “batch-wise” from June 18 2024 onwards. Applicants for NEET-PG 2024 are advised to check their applicant login accounts on the NEET-PG 2024 index page at NBEMS official website periodically for admit card," the NBE had recently stated in an official notice.


 Admit cards will not be issued to candidates found ineligible before the conduct of the examination.

Candidates will be informed through SMS/Email alerts and website notices regarding the availability of the admit card on the NBEMS website. Admit cards will not be sent to the candidates by Post/Email. 

Candidates are required to download their admit card from the NBEMS website and affix firmly their recent (not more than 3 months old) passport-size photograph in the space provided on the admit card. The photograph must meet the following specifications:


Minimum 35x45 mm (and not larger than the box printed on admit card for pasting the photograph) with at least 75% area on the photograph should be occupied with the face & head of the candidate.

It should be a Colour photograph with a white background.

The photograph needs to display a full front view of the face with a neutral expression. No Caps, Stethoscope, Goggles, or Ornaments are to be worn.

The photograph should not have reflection or shadow on the face with red eyes.

The photograph needs to be printed on high-quality paper with at least 600 dpi Resolution.

The photograph must not have kinks, scratches and stains.


NBEMS shall be conducting the Computer Based Test (CBT) in a safe and secure environment maintaining social distancing norms wherever needed. NBEMS reserves its right to review the test day processes of conduct of CBT in the wake of the changing scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Candidates are required to report at the ‘Reporting Counter’ of the test venue at per time indicated in their admit cards. To avoid crowding at the test venue entry, there will be staggered time slots for candidates to report. The reporting counter will close 30 minutes prior to the test start time. This will allow time for security checks, identity verification and checking in for examination.

Candidates reporting late or beyond the prescribed time shall not be allowed to appear in the exam under any circumstances. NBEMS shall not be responsible for any delayed arrival of the candidate reaching the centre due to any reason.


The exact address and location of the test centres shall be indicated on the admit card. Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the test centre locations at least one day prior to the examination day and ensure that they report for the exam as per scheduled time only

Please note that only the candidates who have been issued admit cards will be allowed entry inside the examination centre premises subject to fulfilment of documentary requirements

Friends or relatives accompanying the candidates will not be allowed entry into the examination centre premises under any circumstances and will not be allowed to contact the candidate while the examination process is ongoing.


The candidate will flash the admit card and ID proof for verification to the exam functionary standing across the table with a barcode/QR code reader. Candidate shall be informed about the assigned lab number

Identity checks will be made upon arrival at the test centre to ensure that no unauthorised candidates are appearing for the exam.

Candidates MUST bring to the test centre the following documents:

i Printed copy of the Barcoded/QR Coded Admit card.

ii Photocopy of Permanent / Provisional SMC/MCI/NMC registration*, to be retained by the test centre.

iii Any one of the below mentioned Govt issued photo IDs** (must be original and valid/non-expired):

a PAN Card.

b Driving License.

c Voter ID.

d Passport.

e Aadhaar Card (With Photograph).

Candidates must ensure to bring at least one but as many of the above-mentioned Photo IDs which are issued to you and details of which have been provided in the application form.

In case, any candidate reports to the test centre with an eAadhaar Card with an Aadhaar number printed on it as proof of identity, the e-Aadhaar Card should be a good quality colour printout with a visible photograph. The photograph should not have kinks, scratches and stains, and should definitely match with the candidate presenting the e-Aadhaar Card. The decision of NBEMS in this regard shall be final.

The Indian Citizens/OCI who have obtained their Primary Medical Qualification outside India and qualified for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination should bring their original FMGE (Screening Test) Pass certificate issued on NBEMS letterhead also.

Foreign Nationals who are desirous to appear in NEET-PG are required to bring their passport (original & valid) to the test centre along with any other documents (Registration with the Medical Council in their country of nationality) as proof of they are a medical practitioner in their country.

The name on the photo identification must match with the name as shown on the Admit Card. If the name has changed due to marriage etc, the candidate must show the relevant document to substantiate the claim for name change (Marriage Certificate/Divorcee Decree/ Legal Name Change Document/ Gazette notification for name change).

Candidates without valid ID proof shall not be allowed to enter the examination premises. In case of a Mismatch in name between the admit card and Photo ID proof shown, entry to the test centre shall not be allowed.

Unfair means a case shall be registered against the candidates producing false/forged documents/ID Proofs.



Candidates will not be allowed to take the following items beyond the security checkpoint at the examination premises under any circumstances:

1 Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), notes, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Pen, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Eraser, etc.

2 Any electronic device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, wrist watch/Health Band, Calculator, Electronic Pen/ Scanner etc.

3 All ornaments like bracelets, Ring, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/ Necklace, Pendants, Necklace with pendants, Badge, Brooch etc

4 Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap etc.

5 Any eatable item opened or packed, soft drinks, water bottles etc.

6 Any other item which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like wireless/Bluetooth devices, spy cameras etc.

Candidates will be compulsorily required to carry the following items with them to the examination lab:

1 Exam-related document (Admit card, ID Card etc).

2 PwD certificate issued by the Competent Authority, if claiming scribe/ extra-time as per provisions of the RPwD Act, 2016.

Candidates are instructed to read the admit card carefully for items permitted to be carried inside the examination centres.

No arrangement will be made at the centres for keeping any articles/items belonging to the candidates. In case any candidate is found in possession of any of the barred items inside the centre beyond the security checkpoint, it will be considered as the use of unfair means and action will be taken against the candidate in accordance with the relevant provisions. To avoid any hardship candidates are advised not to bring prohibited items along with them at the test Centre.

Frisking (Hand Held Metal Detector and Body Pat) will be done at the entry to the test centre (secure zone) premises.

Finger Biometrics of candidates shall be captured at the time of registration for the test at the test venue. In addition, Photographs of the candidates shall also be captured on the exam day at the centre at the time of registration, at each bio-break and during the exam. Face ID shall be verified against the photograph(s) captured on the exam day and photograph(s) uploaded in the application form. Therefore, it is essential to upload a recent photograph in the application as per the image upload guidelines prescribed, to avoid mismatch in the Face ID verification process. Candidates are requested to cooperate with this essential activity to avoid any cases of impersonation. This is a security feature which will ensure that only genuine candidates appear for the exam. Any candidate not adhering to the aforementioned security measures will not be allowed to take the test. Manual Attendance with signature and manual thumb impression shall also be done.

After verification of ID and capture of photograph, candidates will be escorted to the designated computer terminal at the test centre ensuring social distancing and an Invigilator will assist the candidate in the check-in process of the test.

Candidates are required to keep their admit card and photo identification with them at all times during the conduct of the examination.

Candidates are required to listen to the invigilator’s instructions to begin the exam. Each workstation will be blocked from three sides – front, left and right. Candidates are advised not to look around at other candidates as there will be surveillance cameras also that will record video. No rough paper for rough work or pen/pencil shall be provided at the test centre. There is no requirement and no permission to carry a pen/pencil and rough paper inside the test centre.

Any suspicious or disruptive behaviour on the part of the candidate may lead to the cancellation of candidature. For any clarification during the exam, candidates are required to raise their hand to call the invigilator. Under no circumstance, they should talk to the fellow candidate or peep into the computer systems of the fellow candidate.

In case of any technical disruption during the test, rest assured that a registered candidate will complete the allocated examination time.





Disruption happens (e.g. Power Failure) during the exam time after the candidates have logged in (either for one or more candidates).

No action is necessary. The timer will stop when the failure occurs and will resume when the failure is rectified. There will be no time loss in allocated examination time due to disruption/failure.


The candidate's machine is locked during the exam. (e.g. Loss of connectivity with the Primary Server).

IT Manager in each exam room verifies and unlocks the candidate's account and the timer starts from the same point where the candidate had left. There will be no time loss in allocated examination time due to this locking.


The candidate complains of any specific issues in the machine (e.g. screen flickering, mouse issue, system getting locked/hung repeatedly etc).

On reporting the issue, the IT Manager/Invigilator verifies and locks the candidate's machine. The candidate may be shifted from their allotted seat to a buffer seat in the same or other labs during the examination if required. There will be no time loss in allocated examination time due to this shift.


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