Gurugram: 12th pass man posing as doctor aids illegal abortion, booked

Published On 2021-11-19 04:00 GMT   |   Update On 2021-11-19 04:00 GMT

Gurugram: A 12th pass quack doctor has been booked under relevant sections of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, Indian Medical Council (IMC) Act and the Drugs and Cosmetic Act for allegedly providing MTP kits to pregnant women and aiding illegal abortions in New Colony area in Gurugram.

Based on the complaint of the medical department, a case has been registered against the fake doctor.

According to a recent media report in Times of India, the quack was practicing as a doctor at Shree Shyam Medical Store near street number 9 in Mandanpuri region, however he did not posses the requisite medical degree and had studied till class 12.

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Times of India reports that he used to provide pregnancy termination kits to couples who wanted to abort the foetus.

On receiving a tip-off, Gurugram civil surgeon Virender Yadav formed a team on Tuesday which consisted of Dr Pradeep Kumar, nodal officer (PNDT Act), Dr Harish (medical officer) and Dr Neetu Gupta, lead medical officer to probe the matter.

They sent a couple as a decoy to initiate a raid in medical store. The decoy told the man that they did not want children and hence required treatment. The accused gave them a Medical Termination Pack (MTP), and explained them the detailed procedure on using it for abortion.


The couple gave him marked notes when they bought the kit that immediately signaled the medical team department.

Soon the accused was nabbed and he did not have any medical certificates to show to the officers. He further confessed to not having the designated qualification required for practicing medicine. After passing the 12th standard examinations, he had been practicing as a doctor over the last 4 years and aiding in illegal termination by selling pregnancy termination kits since the last six months.


The team further found that the medical store was registered in another person's name and the accused has been paying the owner monthly charges.

Police spokesperson Subhash Boken stated that the accused has been booked under relevant sections of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act Indian Medical Council Act and the Drugs and Cosmetic Act in the New Colony police station.

Stating that the medical team successfully conducted a raid and exposed the illegal practice, deputy civil surgeon, Dr Pradeep Kumar added, "He was illegally providing MTP kits to pregnant women and endangering their lives."

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