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Bridge Course to Allopathy: MUHS invites applications from 40,000 Homeopaths

Bridge Course to Allopathy: MUHS invites applications from 40,000 Homeopaths

The course one-year certificate course in modern pharmacology would be taught at 24 government medical colleges in Maharashtra under MUHS

Nashik: Aiming to give a quick dose of modern medicine to practicing homeopaths in the state, the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) has called over 40, 000 homeopaths to pursue a certificate bridge course to make themselves able to prescribe allopathic medicines.

It is reported that  academic council of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences had accorded the sanction to start the one-year certificate course in modern pharmacology in 2016-2017. In the first batch, 700 registered homeopathic practitioners had been admitted and had taken the exams. Now, there is a seat strength of 1200 at 24 medical colleges across the state.

Recently, the state’s health varsity announced that practising homoeopaths, who have their Maharashtra Homoeopathic Council (MHC) registration numbers from 1 to 40,000, can apply for the admissions for the modern pharmacology course for the year 2018-19.

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“This year, candidates whose registration numbers are from 1 to 40,000 can apply for the course. June 30 is the last date to submit online applications. Admissions will be given as per the seniority of the registration numbers in the register given by the MHC, Mumbai,” MUHS registrar K D Chavan confirmed to TOI.

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This is a full-time course, for which the university has arranged 1,200 seats in 24 government medical colleges across the state for homeopaths. If these homeopathy practitioners complete this course, it would “allow” them to prescribe allopathic medicines to the patients.

The course, which is limited to homeopathy practitioners in the state of Maharashtra only, has created a strong divide between the allopathy and homeopathy practitioners across the country.  While the Indian Medical Association has called the short term course completely unethical, homeopathy practitioners justified it, citing shortage of allopathic practisers to serve the patients, especially in rural areas.

According to TOI the schedule declared by the university is as follows:

  • First selection list of the candidates will be declared on July 12.
  • The candidate can select up to 24 government medical colleges where 50 seats each are available
  • The last date for joining college is August 3.
  • The certificate course is exclusively for Maharashtra-based homeopathic doctors.
  • The selection of the applicants would be done purely on a seniority basis.

Optimistic over the increase in the number of applications, the university officials said that they are expecting a good response this year since the council has allowed applications from a large number of homeopaths against  when the course was launched two years ago, only first 5,000 registered homoeopaths were allowed to apply for it. On this, a senior member of the MHC stated that the course received a lukewarm response as the council had allowed only first 5000 registered homoeopathic practitioners to apply for the course earlier.

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  1. On one hand govt is allowing homeopaths to practise modern medicine & surgery & on the other hand govt is restricting mbbs doctors from practising minor surgical procedures.

  2. I think bams should given opportunity to practise surgery. Like alopathy doctor do.

  3. Hats off to the Govt. This is a great opportunity to make quals legal. I am sure no common man has the right to hit a doctor and ask why his patient died. Neither did he have the right earlier. But now he has totally lost it as he has allowed quacks to establish themselves by means of elected representatives. Jago India jago, you have sold your life to govt. I am sure the rich and upper middle class are not affected, they will make sure they do their ground checks right and go the best of the skilled and certified physician. It is you the common man, the crowd at large living in the larger space of country has to be worried, you will not have the right person treating you. Doctors are not at any loss public, there are many countries inviting skillful certified practitioners. Tomorrow govt. may introduce bridge course for pharmacist too. Doctors will not be bothered, neither does the rich.
    I am sure the CM or PM may not have these bridge course doctor in their panel of doctors taking care of their health.
    1year of modern pharmacology will not teach 5 1/2 years of modern medicine where the 1st year you learn whom to treat, next two years what to treat and the last two years how to treat. I am sure if it was like singing an LKG rhyme I am sure there would be more doctors than patients.
    If govt or homeopaths themselves do not have confidence in what they are practicing presently kindly request govt. to shut down those places where they pursue such courses and turn them into institutes teaching modern medicine.
    Dear common man, if you think somebody rich will come and help you, you are completely mistaken, you have to fight for your own rights. You are just guinea pigs to this experiment by the Govt. Awake arise till your rights are obtained, the dignity and equality to be treated the same way as our elected representatives are being treated.

  4. Yes, Awake and Arise my Countrymen. Otherwise, All For Health by 2020…..!

  5. Homoeopaths don\’t need your bridge course ,it would be good if states are appointing them in their own pathy without blocking the growth of system .

  6. I think homeopaths should be given a chance to practice allopathic medicine provided they complete the 4 and half years of MBBS course discipline as the bridge course. Consider their Homeopath training as a Premedical training. Homeopaths do not have a role in Urban settings where there is an overpopulation of allopaths. A large number of homeopaths are used by Karuna Trust in rural PHCs because our tribe of allopaths do not go there and betray our country. By the way, I have seen homeopath doctors treating hepatocellular carcinoma and curing them when we failed with our fancy allopath drugs so don\’t write them off.
    In any case most MBBS doctors are not fit to practice modern medicine since the majority have not been taught sociology, psychology, communications, ethics and bedside manners in their MBBS training. We are just waking up to this vital area of medicine. We are producing hordes of high quality technicians who do not know how to communicate to fellow human beings and then wonder why people beat us up.
    The ideal training for MBBS doctors would be like the one in the US where you undergo a 4 years premed training or other countries where they have 2 years internship and 2 years of compulsory rural practice before you are allowed to go for a PG.
    The coaching classes have ruined the country and are designed to produce high quality technicians and not wholesome physicians.

  7. then treat patients by homeopathy. .y need bridge course.. allopathy is a evidence based medicine. . i hav treated many homeopaths … reason.. thy wont trust ther homeopath or ayurveda treatments. god save society..

  8. U r a homeopathy doc rite?? 🙂

  9. Like homopathy your article is fake. Dr venkatakrishnan Ramakrishnan noble laureate said homopathy is bogus . How bogus pple can hepatcellur carcinoma where is the evidence. Don\’t spread lies .

  10. user
    Dr.Harish kumar June 24, 2018, 11:15 am

    You are soo Dumb… People like you promote quackery and show fake sympathy towards rural n tribal people..
    How do you think bridge course improve health sector in rural sectors.. ??
    This is completely unethical n may completely damage the health system in the country..
    Will u consult a Bridge course guy if you are sick n suffering with Dengue..?? Then why are you showing fake concern towards others…n you say we Doctors betraying country.. How is that..? And what are you doing for this country.. staying in metros n talking shit ..!! Shame on you..
    The Govt. Should instead have improved the health system at PHCs n CHCs n recruit Doctors accordingly..
    You are talking about Health system in US.. Do you know..How many weeks does it take get a simple Ultrasound scan in US.. ??… .
    Please stop spreading Hatred n stop spreading quackery.