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Delhi: Medical Council suspends gynecologist for 90 days on account of miscalculation of delivery dates

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Delhi: Medical Council suspends gynecologist for 90 days on account of miscalculation of delivery dates

New Delhi: The Delhi Medical Council (DMC), finding a senior Gynaecologist attached to Nulife Hospital guilty of medical negligence; has struck her name from the Delhi state medical register for 90 days for miscalculating the delivery date of a patient resulting in her premature delivery.

As a consequence of the untimely delivery, the baby was born limp and blue due to asphyxiation. The infant also suffered brain damage and the patient had developed severe complications.

The concerned case goes back to 2017 when the patient approached the doctor for consultation. It had been alleged that the doctor had been negligent in providing a treatment which led to the medical complications in both the baby and the patient post-delivery.

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After the complaint reached the DMC, an investigation was launched. Subsequently, the medical council’s disciplinary committee found that the date of last menstruation and the due date were erroneously recorded and calculated by the doctor. 10 days after the wrongly calculated due date, the patient was administered oxytocin to induce labour, the committee noted.

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The doctors informed that the patient delivered the baby by caesarean and the scar ruptured, leading to complications and asphyxiation of the baby.

When asked about the council’s finding on the matter, Dr Girish Tyagi, Secretary, DMC, told HT, “The miscalculated date by itself might not have led to so many problems. After an investigation by the DMC, it was found that there were no medical records of the time when she was in labour, leading us to believe that there was a delay in performing the C-section leading to the baby’s asphyxiation.”

Therefore, the DMC has now barred the doctor, with over 32 years of experience in the field of medicine, from practising medicine for 90 days.

On the other hand, denying any such allegations, Medical Superintendent of Nulife Hospital told HT, “The judgement is based on misconceived facts. The ultrasound report shows that the woman was 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered full-term. Also, we have an ultrasound report for the period that they say the records are missing for.”

The hospital is mulling over to challenge this order.

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  1. When there is a punishment for an error in medical profession, where there are so many uncertainties, what does the system say for the judgments being reversed by higher courts for the same documents and evidences. How many people have undergone punishment and found not guilty after so many years of imprisonment. Why those not punished for wrong judgment. Wrong judgment should also be punished. In medical profession, how reliable are our patients history.
    In emergencies, doctors are required to judge and come to a final diagnosis in minutes on an unreliable history or no history even. History is added or concocted later. The patient\’s condition changes in minutes. When another doctor sees after hours, the total scenario would have changed. In reality, the first doctor would have been right when he saw . But he becomes a culprit in the society of false claims, threats and goondaism.
    The safety for doctors lies in : proper recording of every thing , documentation, evidence. Increase the fee proportionate, get the Aadhaar copy, go to the extent of entering their income in the registration slip so that in future when the patient makes a claim he cannot claim for losing crores of income because of the alleged faulty treatment. Courts are in favour of dispensing crores in compensation against doctors.
    Safety net for doctors would be: Registration slip, aadhaar proof, income entered in the slip, fee proportionate fee.
    Proportionate fee is logical. Coffeee in a non ac restaurant and ac restaurant of the hotel are differently priced. Electricty bill for low consumer is low priced and high consumer is high priced. When there is a differntial pricing system everywhere, etc in railways Tatkal, why the same price for patients.
    Doctors : ARISE AWAKE
    your profession is at stake.
    Reform, review your practice standards, co operate with others, don\’t bad mouth. We don\’t know what it was earlier. Do your best honestly and consciously.

  2. Treating doc must penalized for culpable homicide on account of causing scar rupture by administering oxytocin to induce labour preterm and causing asphyxia to baby which is irreversible brain damage. As per medical science 39 weeks are considered full term not 37… Only 90 days suspension is meagure punishment by DMC.

  3. user
    drjitendra agarwal September 5, 2019, 2:12 pm

    who are you/

  4. Is Delhi medical council Insane?

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