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IMA announces Delhi Andolan on July 29 against NMC Bill

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The IMA will hold a “Delhi Andolan” on July 29, which includes a march by the medical fraternity from Nirman Bhavan to Jantar Mantar to demonstrate the imperative need for the amendments in the Bill.

New Delhi, Doctors and medical students staged protests across the country against the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, alleging that it was “anti-poor”. The protests were organised on the call of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

As part of the protest action, copies of the proposed legislation were burnt outside the IMA headquarters in Delhi and its 1,700 branch offices.

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Students in medical colleges observed hunger strike against the “anti-poor” legislation.

The IMA will hold a “Delhi Andolan” on July 29, which includes a march by the medical fraternity from Nirman Bhavan to Jantar Mantar to demonstrate the imperative need for the amendments in the Bill.

The march will culminate with a Chhatra Sansad (students” parliament), IMA national president Santanu Sen said.

The association said the government has failed to address concerns raised by the medical fraternity.

The Bill, if passed in its present form, will only legalise quackery by empowering the community health providers to practice medicine, endangering the lives of people, it alleged.

“The other clause includes provision to fix fee of private medical colleges capped to 50 per cent of the seats has been further diluted to framing guidelines only. Now, 100 per cent of the private medical seats will be deregulated regarding the fee subject to non-binding guidelines. Medical education in the country will become expensive placing the lower socio-economic groups in great disadvantage.

“This effectively removes poor and middle class reckoning for such seats. However, lack of clarity on implementation has jeopardised the decision itself,” R V Asokan, Secretary General of IMA, earlier said.

“IMA is convinced that NMC Bill 2019 requires serious mind application by the Parliamentarians. It would strike the death knell of medical profession in the current format,” Sen said.

It provides for setting up of a National Medical Commission (NMC) in place of the Medical Council of India (MCI) and repeal of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956.

The Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha on July 22.

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Source: PTI

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  1. The opposition of IMA is uncalled for.Either IMA is ignorant of the ground realities or it pretends so.It will be prudent on the part of IMA functionaries to cooperate with the govt in formulating a sound plan of action to ensure good health for people of India. NMC bill is getting overwhelming support from all sections of society. IMA needs to discuss major issues with the govt – violence against doctors & hospitals,corruption in medical fields,shortage of medical staff & infrastructure etc.Governance is not a child\’s play & governing a country like India is certainly a Herculean task.Ensuring good health for the people is the responsibility of govt & govt is answerable to to people. Yes,there may be flaws in NMC bill,hence people should discuss with the govt in this regard.But there should not be politics.It is sad that there is politics every where.Let good sense prevail.

  2. yeah you must be one of those quacks who are getting benefitted by this stupid bill.yeah incomplete knowledge is more dangerous,they will end up killing more people than they would save.

  3. Sorry dear,you are squarely wrong in your guess.An insecure & biased mind will always find faults & enemies every where.A stoic ,inquisitive & intuitive mind will discover pragmatism,hope & friends every where.Animals always think of self needs,but to think of community ,mankind,society & the world is human.It is great to have the guts to admit the reality.Widespread corruption in MCI in past is well known.Wastage of time & energy for PG preparation is really a concern.A single EXIT exam is a genuine solution.Large scale absenteeism of doctors in rural & remote areas even after getting lucrative extra allowances is known to every one.Yes,don\’t permit non MBBS to practice medicine,but what is the solution?70 % of Indian populace live in villages & they are deprived of basic amenities of health?About fee structure of private medical colleges – why should someone open a college if every thing is regulated by the govt?A person has thousands of other business opportunities.The plight & management of govt medical colleges & hospitals is known to every one.Govt has brought a bill with a noble intent,it may have flaws & always there is a scope for improvement & it is the duty of every one to discuss the issues with a selfless & positive mind.Discussion,debate & dialogue bring positive contribution.But dirty politics should never be there.Let good sense prevail.