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NITI Aayog to meet state ministers for MCI overhaul on September 8

NITI Aayog to meet state ministers for MCI overhaul on September 8

As a step ahead with its efforts on overhaul of the Medical Council of India , the NITI Aayog committee, is expected to meet state ministers and officials on September 8 to hold final discussions over the proposed National Medical commission bill, following which the committee will move ahead in the process of preparing the final bill. A senior government functionary has confirmed the same to Indian Express.

“The meeting will ensure the comprehensive consultation. By the time the meeting is held, views from the public would have arrived,” the official told the newspaper.

It is reported that earlier this month, NITI Aayog had out the bill in public domain inviting comments till 31st August. With the deadline for public comments coming to a close, this will be followed by interaction with state officials to get their viewpoints.

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The government appointed Committee had found itself in broad agreement with the recommendations of the 92nd Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee and the Roy Choudhury Committee report on the need for a total overhaul of the regulatory framework and governance of medical education in India. In the spirit of the Roy Chaudhury Committee recommendations, the committee has therefore proposed that a National Medical Commission replace the current MCI with the new body having a markedly different structure and governance system.

The committee, which had out forward its report along with the draft bill on its website, inviting comments, had suggested many changes as a part of the overhaul. These included introduction of a National Licentiate Exam (National Exit Exam) for MBBS students, new architectural structure for new commission.

Many of these have not been accepted by the members of the medical fraternity, who have promptly replied with their comments to the email-id provided by the committee.

The report has been prepared by the Government appointed Niti Aayog committee headed by the Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya as well as P K Mishra, additional principal secretary to the prime minister; Amitabh Kant, chief executive officer, Niti Aayog; former health secretary B P Sharma; and Secretary of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare C K Mishra.


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  1. 1.mci should be retained and be under purview of eligible suitable and potential medical professionals only. all dpt heads also to be medical men.revamp the personal.
    2.more of introspection and in depth analyses public debates to be done.the medical men are most suitable and The M.C.I name to be retained as it is the only apex body for medical men.
    After completion of this part other things like curriculum.job functions. University control regulations all administrative work to be tabled this should take at least 2 yrs minimum from now as debates and introspection on nation wide basis has to be done

  2. Its true doctors should introspect themselves for not being aggressive and succumbing to circumstances than revolting . As for As I know most pvt colleges Are run by politicians and not by doctors . The medical profession was at Its best As long As it was totally in The hands of doctors but As politicians , IAS and of late judiciary and corporate houses Are getting involved The med profession has deteriorated to the max. People in our country feel every death is caused by doctors and no natural deaths . feel sorry for the state of affairs. Since certain misjudgements are given and few corruption charges against judges are there let the judiciary management be given to doctors . This is vice versa. I Am sorry if I Am hurting somebody

  3. Yes the medical field has been under attack from all directions and made it a scape goat.politicisation and privatisation go hand in glove and has demoralised our profession.and it is this which had made like this to be commented us on.

  4. The fate of medical education and practice to be decided by people who have no knowledge and who cant even spell different subjects in medical curriculum hats off Mr Modi and your govt we expected a lot from sorry we are bemused

  5. Only knowing two spelling will suffice.
    1. Ethics
    2. Empathy
    The present situation is a reflection of only doctor controlled body.
    60 years of ordeal changed the country to the house of non communicable disease from a communicable one.
    Age old syllabus , quantity based structure, no intension for quality……and the killer ego.
    I don\’t know but I am somehow enjoying this ripple in the fraternity. I really wish the crap doctors to be removed from the system . Let the deserving one serve the nation.
    You remove the science from medical science it becomes an adjective place it anywhere because it loose its own position.
    Be a part of society, there is vast difference among God, Demigod and messenger.

  6. user
    Gopalan Govindarajan September 1, 2016, 11:05 am

    Would be very helpful if can kindly enlighten us on why there is such a mess in the medical education in India – money buys seats, politicians open medical colleges – some even cannot sign their own names!!, all these years doctors have been incharge – may be it is time for a change – and if we get enough people with India at heart and not their own politics or family (e.g. – most doctors with hospitals get their children through fee paid private colleges to take over their hospitals!! – most though not all – and not in a meritocratic way) – please look into your own self and MCI history before making such comments

  7. How about meeting the doctors