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MCI urged to review Stand on Signing of Lab Reports

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MCI urged to review Stand on Signing of Lab Reports

The National M.Sc. Medical Teachers’ Association (NMMTA) requested the Medical Council of India (MCI) to review its notification which clarified that only MBBS doctor can sign lab reports.

As per the MCI’s notification the candidates having M.Sc with PhD or PhD in medical microbiology, medical biochemistry, life sciences, applied biology, cytogenetics and biotechnology are not eligible for singing lab reports.

“The recent letter written by the Medical Council of India (MCI) to the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) regarding eligibility to sign diagnostic laboratory reports has not gone down well with the biomedical scientists possessing medical M.Sc. degree,” NMMTA President Sridhar Rao said.

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Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that the Medical council of India through the said letter to NABL had communicated its decision of its on the issue of who is eligible as a signatory authority for medical laboratory reports. The MCI had stated its decision as, “All lab reports to be signed/countersigned by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Council, ” which implied that MBBS can sign lab reports, but not Medical Msc/PhDs.

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The move has not gone well with the NMMTA, which has shown strong opposition to the MCI decision.The M.Sc. Medical Teachers’ Association was seem mentioning the country’s dilemma of shortage of doctors, as a result the MCI’s decision will disturb the country’s work process.

Currently, the document 112 of NABL provides authorized signatory roles for medical M.Sc. degree holders in the disciplines of microbiology and biochemistry.

“Apparently, under the pressure from non-clinical doctors, the NABL was pressurized to exclude non-doctors from this role. The NABL sought the MCI’s opinion. After a delay of nearly three years, the MCI replied that all lab reports should be signed/counter-signed by persons registered with MCI/State Medical Councils,” Rao said.

He said this is in “stark contrast” to its previous stand.

“In 2005, the members of the Ad hoc Committee appointed by the Supreme Court and of the Executive Committee of the MCI had approved the decision of the Ethics Committee that M.Sc. (Medical Biochemistry) is entitled to independently sign a medical biochemistry report in a clinical laboratory,” he said.

The National M.Sc. Medical Teachers’ Association will meet  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Health Minister J.P. Nadda to “convince them the importance of biomedical scientists in the diagnostic laboratories”.

Source: with inputs from IANS
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  1. pathologist have studied for more than 8 to 9 years and some 12 or 13 years after repeatedly failing in pathology.pathology is the most neglected stream in medicine.
    the student who is poor in knowledge takes pathology stream.
    it is good decision by mci that they can only sign reports .let dmlt process the samples and type the reports they are more qualified to do and let pathologist take rest and sign the reports or they can go on vacation by signing the reports in advance or using digital sign ….
    pathologist have tolled so hard so that they can sign reports only …there by assuring patient dont suffer

  2. WHO WILL SIGN MY LABORATORY REPORTS ? : Today the laboratory system faces a great challenge a Medical council of India recommend and courts decided , that only qualified in modern medicine MD DCP and registered with MCI can only sign the laboratory reports, Good idea to correct the system which is left to its own decisions,and fate for many decades and certainly opens the Pandora box to a system which was left to technicians for many decades, , Certainly it creates conflicts, between medically qualified or otherwise, However many decades being in profession in laboratory, laboratories are most neglected division of Medical care, not even 50% of the laboratories have bio safety regulations even handling with most hazardous specimen,, people have to handle tuberculosis specimens without minimal bi safety hood,
    I doubt a mere signature makes any difference unless we improve the proper inputs into diagnostic Microbiology, above all a wrong work culture of some of qualified laboratory specialists is deplorable, many private medical colleges or even the Government colleges many (seniors and many can turn the system declare their own regulations mostly for not doing any work, Many Private colleges have totally left the system to the whims and fancies of the Laboratory specialists and to get qualified seniors are truly difficult to run the system as per MCI regulations
    As we see around one Professor sits in the college runs the laboratory by remote control by appointing someone as agent and himself busy arranging tuition\’s for medical students. To make as much money, possible many join the tuition\’s not just for learning to get help from these so-called PROFESSORS during examinations, the BSc and non-medical diploma holders are made as laboratory administrators, they can stoop to any level to satisfy the bosses, if we fight we are the loser, and shown the door sooner than later,
    Another retired Professor with decades of experience in Government Medical College says there are no rules for her/ him ; and quotes even in Government colleges many professors are not even taking classes, comes few days and creates the possible politics to ruin the system, only attached to chair to live in the system with authority and juniors will be fighting in all possible ways with least knowledge and comparing with only bosses to avoid the work, or busy creating bogus publications and getting fake PhD\’s to get faster promotions, and everyone’s has their own game, killing the system,

    If it is the fate of some of ( not all ) Medical colleges what better we can expect from private laboratories which cater to 90% to national laboratory system, certainly I trust some technicians to work with dedication
    It is true the qualified postgraduates, and MD are selling the Digital signature for getting free money, already we read lot of news on this matters in the news portals.
    Hope the Ministry of Health, Medical Council India and courts should go into the realities of deep routed failures inefficiencies and corruption in the laboratory system and signature can only be final option to improve the matters ?
    Not to forget we the Doctors too ARE patients needs better laboratory services?

  3. It is agreeable that MSc cannot sign diagnostic reports but they can sign it as analysis done by. But for PhD this is wrong as they are highly knowledgable and have studied Genetics or biochemistry or microbiology for nearly 10 yrs. Not only this they are instrumental in bringing many new diagnostic test, understanding disease pathology, teaching medical students, writing reserach papers and writing books on the subject. While on other side medical person like MBBS or even MD do not understand anything of genetic analysis nor its process. How can a person not knowing what he is signing can sign the diagnostic reports? MCI should review this urgently instead of passing unilateral decision.

  4. ok all the commands are ok, with out msc, or dmlt the lab can run, or release proper reports tell me the big bosses, ok the processing will be done by technicians or students the signing from the doctor means may be the report will correct?. this decision is i think fun, the ruler mus analyse the basic practical procedures, and who will important for the lab, and who will able to give the proper reports in particular each and every departments, for example in pathology labs means pathologists or correct, like biochemistry means biochemists only right, microbiology means microbiologists only right, like that way rule must be created this is only proper way. if the government thinks biochemistry means MCI registered biochemistry doctors only sign means first of i like to ask one question, all the universities work under the goverment only, why the grant commision will give the permission to run the biochemistry sylabus in arts college?, if the grant commision decision is right means government must give one order to MCI , the peoples who are studied in science college for the medical department course, or relevant subjects must give approval to them also in MCI. i think this is the proper way, otherwise this rule is complete sales packge decision for doctors. while the ruler once analysis properly and make rule means thats good, then only able to stop the medical money bushiness.

  5. user
    Sridhar Kesireddy July 8, 2017, 12:22 pm

    The actual, active and potential work force who handle 80-90% of the calibrations, procedures and protocols involve in lab tests are being forgotten and ignored. Importance is given only for the token signatories (Who do not regularly involve in the bench work and procedures) in the name of ensuring and improving quality out put. Our nation is backward in R & D just because of such policies.

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