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Simultaneous practice at 25 path labs: Medical Council Suspends pathologist

Simultaneous practice at 25 path labs: Medical Council Suspends pathologist

Mumbai: The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) has suspended the registration of a Nashik based pathologist for six months on account of absentia signing and lending his signature to over 25 pathological labs spread across 30-160 kms around Nashik, Malegaon, and Dhule areas.

The Pathologist holds a qualification in MBBS and DCP and works as a full-time lecturer and Vice Principal at Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir’s KBH Dental College and Hospital, Nashik.

A complaint against him was filed by Nashik Practicing Pathologist Welfare Association in the State Medical Council where it provided the list of names of the pathological labs and alleging that the doctor RMP is lending his signature and/or digitalized signatories to multiple laboratories on same date to which RMP does not attend or supervises the pathology tests at all. “Even if they do not attend laboratories, the reports are generated and delivers with RMP’s signed reports to the patients. All the reports are generated by the Technicians and not by the RMP pathologist himself. Thus, the Common man is deceived by mentioning names of the MD pathologists on laboratory reports,” the complaint added

The complainant highlighted these kinds of malpractice, quackery and unethical conduct by Registered Medical Practitioner under the Regulation of 1.7 Exposure of unethical conduct by one of medical fraternity as defined in the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations 2002.

However, the pathologist denied the allegations made on him. He gave his reply to the committee where he mentioned that he is serving as a lecturer in the dental college and entitled for 149 days’ official holidays as per academic calendar of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He further informed that, during the said holidays, he is having the right to perform work as a pathologist in the laboratories. Further claimed that his working hours are from 08.30 AM to 12.00 Noon & 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM. Saturday is half day.

He further mentioned in his reply stated that he is offering quality control guidance for the laboratories by occasional visits.

He argued that he can be a lecturer but can attend the laboratories as pathologists & sign the reports after the office hours. The RMP further pointed out that, he has lodged the complaint to the Police against the labs where his signatures were misused & not attached to them. However, RMP has admitted he has signed multiple reports.

The complainant on their behalf stuck to the argument, questioning how is it physically possible to be associated with so many laboratories in one go

The council went through the entire matter and throughly questioned the pathologist regarding his associations with various laboratories

and gave its decision where it mentioned-

“It has been decided to remove Registration of Dr Shinde for the period of 6 (Six) month from the Register of registration of Medical practitioners maintained under section 16 of Maharashtra Medical Council Act 1965 and refrained him from doing any medical practice.”

The Council further gave direction to the pathologist to surrender his original Registration Certificate with additional qualification certificate for the purpose of endorsement of punishment further directing to re-enter of the name after punishment period is over is subject to compliance of Rules 75 (Form 19) of MMC rules, 1967 by the pathologist.

Dr Prasad Kulkarni, Executive Council Member of MAPPM informed the Medical Dialogues that “MAPPM has been complaining against such Pathologists since 2012. Till now four Pathologists have been suspended for selling names, Signature and Qualifications to Illegal labs.”

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