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Stop making doctors soft targets: Doctors outrage on Public, Media Trial

Stop making doctors soft targets: Doctors outrage on Public, Media Trial

New Delhi: The medical practitioners in the capital have indeed taken a strong exception to the comments made by Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij in connection with the death of a seven-year-old girl at Gurgaon’s Fortis hospital, saying it was high time politicians and the media stop making doctors the “soft target”.

A panel set up by Haryana government probing allegations of overcharging against the Fortis hospital regarding a case in which the minor girl died of dengue has found “several irregularities” following which the state government is planning to lodge an FIR, minister Vij said yesterday.

“In simple words, it was not a death, it was a murder,” Vij had alleged at a crowded press conference in Chandigarh.

Responding to the allegations, Delhi Medical Association, the Delhi state branch of the Indian Medical Association, in a statement, took exception to the statements made by the health minister

“It is high time now that the media, society, politicians, bureacrats, etc. Stop blaming the soft target called ‘doctors’ for anything bad or any unwanted event happening and malign the image of the medical profession,” the statement read.

DMA, in a statement, also sought to defend doctors in another case at the Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, saying the clinical approach for “an extremely premature foetus of less than 24 weeks of pregnancy is not viable and non-survivable”.

“There is no set protocol & guidelines for such extremely pre-term deliveries. But Indian law permits MTP upto 20 wks of pregnancy and in extreme cases court has permitted upto 24 wks of pregnancy. It means Indian law consider foetus upto 24 wks as non survivable and non viable,” the statement added

“In view of the recent controversy regarding handling of extremely pre-term babies at one of the Delhi Hospitals, we would to state that the clinical approach for an extremely premature fetus of less than 24 weeks of pregnancy is not viable for survivable. Many times due to hypothermia, the heart beat in such cases may be absent and reverts from time to time. Such rare cases have occurred in the past across many Parts of Me world including recent one in Safdarjung Hospital in June 2017. Clinical criteria such as APGAR scores are used world over for assessing in delivery room. In case parents decides not to resuscitate or not to provide intensive care treatment, the pre-viable baby is given only comfort care and checks periodically for any sign of life, by the doctors respecting the parents instruction. As enquiries are underway by various authorities, we request everyone, including media, to refrain from jumping to conclusions without ascertaining proper facts as such premature statements/articles adversely affects the concerned doctors and staff in delivering services to their patients”, the statement added

The Max Hospital case pertains to a premature boy, wrongly declared dead last week at the hospital where he was born, and who died during treatment at a nursing home in Pitampura.

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Source: PTI
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  1. user
    Krishan Gopalkglakhan@ December 12, 2017, 9:05 pm

    Cheap popularity by politicians who have hardly any knowledge about medical line Instead of improving Govt. hospitals they all are bent to depress the whole medical family.As on to-day,before treating any patient doctor should think about himself. Any serious case doctor should avoid attending the patient and refer the patient to Govt hospital having best facilities & best doctors working under guidence of most learned & honest politicians.

  2. user
    YASHMINDER KUMAR December 10, 2017, 9:42 am

    Same yardstick if applied to Government hospitals then they need to shut down 20 times everyday.
    I propose fine system for both govt and private hospitals.
    Doctors should be immune from those fines.

  3. user
    Himmat Singh Aneja December 10, 2017, 8:32 am

    It is high time all practitioners of modern medicine unite and forget about personal gains. First of all they should stand against implementation of Consumer protection act only on doctors and not on Judges & Advocates.A lower court pronounces a judgement that is quashed by a Sessions court, which is again turned down by high court which in turn is undone by Supreme Court but no charge of negligence is leveled against any judge. On the contrary what happens when a doctor in private practice as per his opinion treats a patient which is changed by a subdivision level hospital and then by a District level hospital and so on.
    The CPA should be equally applicable on all professions first. Then general public & media will realise the difficulties faced by Medical Professionals.

  4. Sure, advocates should be under CPA. We should learn from advocates not to criticize fellow colleagues. It is the adverse report from a medical professional that becomes the basis of FIR. Without theadverse report police cannot act.

  5. In my opinion the second hospital should also face some penalty for not making the point ob ious that the child was non viable and in the rare chance it survived will only have a very poor quality of life. The charges for NICU etc would have been overwhelming all for a vain cause.
    If the declaration of death was negligence ( though there is rooom for doubt look lazarus syndrome), the actions of second hospital boil down to greed and a quota to fill revenue.
    While the demented media was looking for a sizzling headline and politicians dance to tune, no one asks the doctors who were working at a private firm and have quotas to fill in a not so fulfilling working condition .

  6. Doctors themselves are responsible for the state they are in today. Medical practice in India has grown in India on a competitive business model. Vilification of each other happens as a matter of routine practice. Media and politicians are only taking advantage of it. The state has disowned public health and allowed private healthcare to proliferate in an unregulated manner. The doctors have been pawned in this whole game without them realizing it. Doctors are going to be victimized by and large and only they can change the perception by challenging the private healthcare on the model of super-profit which attracts all big investors to join the beeline for getting a piece of healthcare profits. The bigger problem lies elsewhere- it is related to the out-of-pocket expenses majority have to bear. Health-insurance should be universal like in Western Europe, where state spends more on healthcare. Only then can healthcare be delivered to a large section curtailing out-of-pocket expenses. Until then, continue to be victims and soft-targets.