Amritsar doctor alleges dowry harassment by husband, FIR lodged

Published On 2024-06-20 11:00 GMT   |   Update On 2024-06-20 11:00 GMT

Amritsar: Following a woman doctor's complaint against her husband, who is also a doctor, of alleged harassment over dowry demands, the accused has been booked in connection nine months later.  

According to the police, the woman alleged in her complaint filed in September 2023 that her husband, currently posted at a private hospital in Rajpura had been mentally and physically harassing her over dowry demands. 

She claimed that the accused aside from asking for dowry, also demanded the transfer of five acres of land that belonged to her. When she refused, the accused removed her from the hospital, she alleged. 

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After nine months of investigations, the police registered a case on June 15 against the accused under Sections 498-A (Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) and 406 (criminal breach of trust) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). An investigation is underway in this matter. 


As per The Tribune news report, this action was taken after a probe by an SP-rank official revealed that the accused doctor had requested dowry and five acres of land. Subsequently, when the victim was unable to meet the dowry demand, she was thrown out of the house. 

The couple got married around three and a half years ago in November 2020. The woman in her complaint stated that her family gave a dowry to the accused during their wedding.

She said she did her MBBS from Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research at Vallah while her husband was posted at the hospital associated with the college. Later, he left his job at Vallah and joined a private hospital at Rajpura and the couple shifted there. She said she also started working at the hospital but soon things turned around and she was removed from the hospital.  

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