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Bill to replace MCI now in Lok Sabha

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Bill to replace MCI now in Lok Sabha

New Delhi: The National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill which seeks to replace the 63-year-old Medical Council of India (MCI) to reform the medical sector in India, was introduced in Lok Sabha on Monday.

The Bill, introduced by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, also seeks to repeal the Indian Medical CouncilAct 1956, stating that the Councilset up under it was corrupt. It has been alleged that the process by which the MCI regulated medical colleges was flawed.

The new Bill has the provision for making national standards in medical education uniform by proposing that the final year MBBS exam be treated as an entrance test for PG and a screening test for students who graduated in medicine from foreign countries. This exam will be called the National Exit Test (NEXT). At present, different medical colleges have different MBBS exam patterns which means there is no surety of the quality of the medical graduate passing out of MBBS.

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The NMC proposal is to ensure a uniform national pattern for final year MBBS exam so that all medical graduates who get the licence to practise conform to uniform national standards and quality. The Bill also puts a cap on fees on 50 per cent of seats in MBBS and PG colleges.

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The NMC will be 29-member body which would comprise of 20 members selected through nomination, and nine through election. The medical will colleges have to conform to standards the NMC will lay down. Once they confirm and are permitted to operate, there would be no need for annual renewals, the government believes.

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Source: PTI
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  1. Replacement of MCI is a good idea also a common format for qualifying MBBS exam
    But the exam for pg qualifying exam should be done separately as it is being done now in NEET format all over India
    The idea of NEXT doesn\’t seem correct and has a lot of loopholes for corruption infact the format for both the exam is very different and some how how can you merge a graduation qualifying examination with a examination for post graduation selection exam

  2. MCI’s past was so bad , that now the medical fraternity want a new NMC , it may too be corrupt , we don’t know. But at least it’s worth trying something rather than allowing the pathology which is there to continue.

    Quality of medical students would certainly improve as only the ones who have appropriate minimum MBBS level knowledge would clear EXIT exam. So health of our nationals would not be in danger.

    Number of postgraduates would increase too by indegeneous production and by import ( as BOG , MCI has proposed DNB exam for foreign postgraduates). If somebody has the required talent, skill, knowledge and has proved that he has required skills and knowledge to be a specialist in India by passing DNB examination, the same that Indian postgraduates give – then why to block anybody . India needs postgraduates , we welcome all the competent ones to join this vast country with vast needs.

  3. The question to ask is this new NMC body going to be transparent yet corruption free? NEXT will fix the problem of poor quality of medical education? Where medical colleges want to produce MBBS graduates without employing any faculty?
    Will it fix Ghost faculty and Moon lighters? If past record be the judge of future the answer is a sad NO

  4. Strongly support uniformity of medical education standards in our country . EXIT exam will filter all the non competent ones be it be FMG or the ones from private medical colleges. The meritorious will fly high.

    On the same lines we should have a common speciality and superspeciality examinations as is in the developed world. Everybody sits in the same exam , there would be uniformity. Even the foreign postgraduates should be allowed to sit on these postgraduate examinations, if somebody is competent why deny him or her a specialist registration. After all we all would gain , country us in dire need of specialists .

  5. we have 1:867 doctors against 1:1000 who standards,we dont require further,medical colleges are required only in up,bihar&bengal,we require central residency scheme to be implimented as per sc orders on 25.9 1987*wp civil 348-352 of 1985.
    all resident doctors across india should get as per aiims

  6. user
    Debashish Saikia July 24, 2019, 1:03 pm

    I don’t support NMC as it is anti-poor and anti-student..strongly against the NMC bill

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