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MD- DNB equivalence: AIIMS removes Assistant Professor, Hospital Administration

MD- DNB equivalence: AIIMS removes Assistant Professor, Hospital Administration
 Jain, in her defence, had claimed that her DNB degree was equivalent to an MD degree and therefore, she was qualified for the post.
NEW DELHI:  All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS New Delhi) has removed a doctor from the post of Assistant Professor for not possessing the requisite qualification, following an order in this regard by the Delhi High Court. The doctor held a DNB qualification from Sir Gangaram Hospital which was not held equivalent by the court to MD qualification.
The court however, gave the opportunity to the doctor to reapply to AIIMS given the fact that she had now completed a one-year SRship necessary for the equivalence of her degree to MD counterpart.IANS reports that an official letter issued by AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria, said that subsequent to an order by the Delhi High Court, Kanika Jain’s appointment “to the post of Assistant Professor of Hospital Administration hereby stands terminated with immediate effect”.

Medical Dialogues had earlier narrated the CAT order as the  bench of CAT Chairman Justice L Narasimha Reddy and administrative member Aradhana Johri were of the view that the degree of Diplomate of National Board (DNB) held by her was not sufficient and she needed to undergo an additional year of residency in a hospital recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

 Jain, in her defence, had claimed that her DNB degree was equivalent to an MD degree and therefore, she was qualified for the post.

She had also argued that AIIMS had selected and appointed her to the post after it was satisfied that she had the requisite qualification.

The tribunal had then set aside her appointment and said and she needed to undergo an additional year of residency in a hospital recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

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Later through an interim order, the Delhi HC had stayed the CAT order in the case.

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In the recent most order of February 2019, the court went through the MCI submissions that had been made to the CAT in the matter and noted

Prima-facie, it appears to us that the stand taken by the MCI, the AIIMS and the private respondents is more weighty considering the fact that it was not specifically pleaded by the petitioner before the Tribunal that her case is covered by clause (ii)(b); and that each of the requirements of the said clause (b) are met in her case. Therefore, it appears to us that the finding returned by the Tribunal may be sound. Since we are not disposing of the petition at this stage, we vacate the interim order passed by this Court on 04.10.2018.

However, the court also note that the doctor in the meanwhile had finished her one year SRship in MCI recognised Institute.

The petitioner has apparently acquired the requisite experience now since she claims that she has acquired experience of four years in terms of clause (iii) aforesaid. It is also submitted on her behalf that there are several vacancies for the post in question at AIIMS – for which the recruitment process has not been undertaken. We are informed that the said vacancies are in the process of being filled. Apparently, the petitioner did not apply in respect of the said vacancies before the cut-off date due to the fact that thisCourt’s interim order was in operation protecting the interest of the petitioner.

In the peculiar facts & circumstances and without forming it a precedent, we permit the petitioner to make her application for the said postand we direct the AIIMS to entertain the petitioner’s application since therecruitment process is still underway and has not yet attained finality. The petitioner shall make her application within the next two days. If so made, the same shall be considered.

The matter has been now listed for 25/09/2019

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  1. Stop this fight of dnb and is shameful for such highly educated people.make a common entrance for selection of assistant professor.till these degrees everyone has spend so many years for study.students r good both in md and dnb.try to select the brilliant students.

  2. Remove all M.Sc candidates who are in posts of assistant professor or any other professor posts as they don\’t have basic MBBS degree they are appointed by local bodies after happy corruption….

  3. Why you release your frustration on M.Sc. Please stop your sick mentality and be open in 21st century. Basic Medical sciences develop, established and nurtured my M.Sc., Ph. D fellows from metabolism to gene discovery. MBBS just undergraduate degree. For medical research institute like AIIMS, basic qualification should be Masters (M.Sc, M.D, MS) along with at least three years Postdoctoral research experience or DM/MCh etc with good publication records in respective field. After all our country need clinical innovators and medical scientists who will able to develop medical science by conducting high quality clinical trials and drug discovery research that will only achieved by team works. So, at higher education all field are interdisciplinary. Please do not discriminate and think big, every expertise has their own importance to produce good clinician sand scientist.

  4. No all dnb candidates should work additional 3 years in gmc to qualify for applying for the post of assistant professor and it is must

  5. user
    shrikant chandrakar March 25, 2019, 9:13 pm

    Msc peoples who are not even mbbs can become assistant professor but not DNB ha ha ha ha what joke full corrupted system

  6. All the pros and cons of MD MS and DNB have been considered, discussed and analysed by the courts and BoG MCI team..when BoG has prescribed the minimum qualifications for teaching posts, it should be implemented without cribbing by anyone.